How The Last Man Standing Works

Campaign period: October 1st 2019 until 31st January 2020

For every $50 spent on product from the Shimano range, you are eligible to receive a coupon from the dealer to redeem online into the Last Man Standing draw. $50 = 1 entry. In order for your entry to be valid, you must upload a valid purchase receipt to validate the coupons.

At 5pm on Friday 31st, January 2020 the online Last Man Standing finalist draw will take place to determine the 6 finalistsThe 6 finalists will be invited to visit Copperlode Dam for 2x days fishing at Copperlode Dam with Shimano Australia.

After the 2 days of fishing at Copperlode Dam, the 6x entrants will randomly choose 1x ball out of a barrel. On this ball will be a number between 1–6. You will hold onto your ball. An independent person will be on hand to oversee & conduct the draw. To conduct the Last Man Standing draw, a barrel with the same numbers 1-6 on them.  The JP will draw 1x ball out of the barrel at a time and the number will be readout. If your ball number is read out, YOU ARE NOW OUT OF THE DRAW. We will repeat this until there is one person left standing.

The ‘Last Man Standing’ will win the 1st Prize. The Bar Crusher 535C.